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I lost my card, how do I find my photograph? If you lost your card click here for assistance and provide us with the following information:
1. Date of your visit.
2. The approximate time your photo was taken.
3. A detailed description of who is in the photograph, include any backgrounds and rides that may assist us in finding your photograph.
Once you have provided us with the information above, we will try our best in locating your image.
How do I save my photo? Once you enter your image id on the home page and clicked on "Go". On the following page you may save your photo by registering your album. You must enter all of the information on the page, and once you are done, click on the option "Register my album". Saving your photos will allow you to edit the photo and share with friends and family.
How to do I send my photo to friends/family? To send your photo to a friend or family member, visit the "My Album" page, where you can then click on the option, "Send my photo". On the following page you can then select "Send Photo". When sending your photo make sure you enter the recipient's email address accurately, and select whether you would like them to view your entire album or a single photo.
How do I edit my photo? To edit your photo go to "My album" and select the photo you wish to edit. Once you have chosen your photo click on "Edit photo". On the following page the Edit tool will appear, allowing you to, crop, rotate, convert to black and white, correct the sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, Intensity and color distribution of your photo. Once you are done editing your photo make sure to save all of your corrections before exiting.
How can I undo changes i have done to my edited photo? To undo any changes you have done to your photo, visit the "My album" page, and click on the photo you desire to change. Once you have selected the photo you wish to change click on "edit photo" and select the option "Reset all settings" or "Reset photo to the last saved edits". Once you are complete you must select "Save edits and return to your album". Your image will then be restored to either the last saved version or the original version.
How do I customize my e-postcard? Once you have clicked on the link "Send Free e-postcard", and entered your recipient's email address, you can scroll down the page to customize your card before sending. You have a chose to add a personalized message, add background color and colored font, select background patterns or border for your postcard. A preview version of your postcard will appear on the left of the screen, allowing you make any changes necessary.
How do I download my photo? To download your photo click on the tab on your screen that says "Download photos". You must then click on the photograph you would like to download to your computer. Allow sufficient time for your image to load on the page. Once your image is completely loaded, right click on the image and select "Save image as". Immediately, upon selecting "Save image as", a box will appear allowing you to select the location in your computer you would like to save your image to. Tip! Pick a location on your computer you are most familiar with, enabling you to easily locate the photograph at a later time.
How do I change my password? You can change your password by going to "My account" on the left side bar of your screen. You can then change your password and save your changes once your are finished.
How do I change my email address? You can change your email address by going to "My account" on the left side bar of your screen. You can then change your email address, save your changes once your are finished.
How do I delete my photo? To remove your photo go to "My album", select the photo you wish to delete and click on "delete photo". Be advised that once you select the option to delete your photo, this will permanently remove your photo from your album and cannot be restored.
How do I send an e-postcard? To send a free e-postcard, click on the "Send Free e-Postcard" and select the photo you wish to send. You must then enter your recipient's email address and select the option to send a single photo or full album. You can then customize your card before sending your card.

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